Our history

The history of our high-quality special fats and margarines has a long tradition.
Here you can go to chronological time travel.

  • The founding

    of the Westphalian margarine and butter company H. Hüsemann & Co. on 15 April 1904 in Preußisch Oldendorf by the agriculturalists Heinrich Hüsemann and Wilhelm Vortmeyer. After completion of the factory building, the first 500 kg of margarine were produced on October 15th.

  • The beginnings

    Owners and employees

  • Production stop

    The production had to be discontinued due to the war and resumed on 1 October 1918.

  • Renaming

    of the company in Preußisch Oldendorfer Margarine and Dairy Corporation W. Vortmeyer.

  • Change of name

    in Preußisch Oldendorfer Margarine Corporation W. Vortmeyer GmbH.

  • Temporary decommissioning

    During the World War II production had to be discontinued several times due to lack of raw materials. A complete closedown of the company took place in December 1945.

  • Production is running

    The margarine production could be continued and steadily expanded.

  • The POT is established

    Establishment of the inhouse forwarding company POT (Preußisch Oldendorfer Transportgesellschaft).

  • Development

    Foundation of the VORTELLA bakingstudio with test production lines and development department.

  • Specialization

    The specialization in the bakery product range was further expanded. A kitchen range was gradually introduced.

  • Change of name and acceptance

    in VORTELLA Lebensmittelwerk W. Vortmeyer GmbH. The Berlin based margarine factory Wiesana was taken over and subsequently integrated into VORTELLA.

  • Extension

    of the existing company complex by a new, modern warehouse. Preparation and entry into the industrial food business.

  • Sausage and cheese specialities

    were gradually added to the product range.

  • New construction

    Construction of a new building for POT company's own garage.

  • Certification

    according to DIN EN 9001:2000 and organic certification according to the EC eco-regulation.

  • For in-between

    Launch of the Snack-Time sales segment.

  • Start of sample production

    Construction of pilot plant for sample production.

  • Optimization of production

    Part-renewal of the production line.

  • VORTELLA is growing

    New weighing system and purchase of a servicing unit.

  • 100 years of VORTELLA

    VORTELLA GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary.

  • Certification and anniversary

    Certification according to International Food Standard (IFS) incl. HACCP.

    We celebrate 50 years POT.

  • Introduction of organic margarine production

  • Microbiology laboratory

    Construction of the new microbiological laboratory.

  • Certification

    VORTELLA is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), a round table founded in 2003 by the WWF. This organization is committed to to sustainable cultivation methods for palm oil. Certification according to the British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC).

  • Clean-Label

    Introduction of clean-label margarines.

  • Ultra fresh assortment

    Construction of the ultra-fresh range.

  • Anniversary

    111 years VORTELLA Ruhm margarine

A Matter of Trust