More than 115 years of VORTELLA experience which will bring you success!

We are a family-owned company that passes on know-how and experience from generation to generation. For this reason, continuous innovation and highest quality have been one of the cornerstones of our philosophy for more than 115 years. We are known for the highest-quality production of special fats and margarines. This experience is what you benefit from - as a partner and as a customer.

The "we" -feeling of the collective with our customers is a special motivation of each individual to always give his best. As a result, this means that we assist you as a problem-solver and a source of ideas - with the aim of further increase of your success. A basis on which our existing partnerships are based and new ones are being created.


Our dedicated team of experts is tracking any market changes and trends to help you create benefits through our fast implementation of our research and development.

Through our expertise we proactively support the food industry, so that your high quality products get an even more individual profile, based on the latest nutritional and physiological requirements and sustainable ingredients.

This is how every partner will find his perfect products from VORTELLA.