Research & Development

Our research and development activities are based on the latest state of the art in nutritional science and technology by active participation in important expert groups of the universities and food associations. The close cooperation with food associations and universities allows us to gain early insights into emerging trends , new raw materials and additives, legal changes and product safety issues.

In the in-house development on the basis of this knowledge new formulations are developed as well existing existing adapted and optimized.

According to the motto "We unite the incompatible" , we are continuously working on the further development of our emulsification technology . Stable emulsions are the basis of excellent product properties and the basis of all our margarines and fats.

Our goal: permanently optimal product properties through permanent research in all relevant areas of fat processing.

One of our fields of research is, For example the investigation of the rheological behavior of viscous fat mixtures ,

as a basis for marinades, sauces or gels. Our interest is not limited to pure fat systems, but also to W / O emulsions such as plant creams . Our goal is to provide the user with products with the required flow behavior .

Another point is the crystallization behavior of vegetable oil, fat mixtures and margarines. The crystal type and size as well as the cross-linking of the crystals is crucial for the later plasticity of the margarine or marinade and is essential for processing with our customers.

These and many other aspects are researched and optimized in our research in order to constantly plan the use of fat raw materials and ingredients according to the latest findings.

The insights gained are continuously implemented in our products and make our margarines and fats your No. 1!

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